Conference abstracts

We received an impressive array of proposals to our call for papers, and are very pleased that the following panelists will come to Princeton in March for our workshop and conference. Click on name to view abstract.

Meghan Forbes, “ReD, Pásmo and Disk: The Interwar Czech Periodical as Platform for International Exchange”

Karla Huebner, “Gentleman: An Interwar Czech Consumer Magazine”

Sarah Krive, “Periodic(al) Parody: Akhmatova’s Fate in the Post-Revolutionary Press”

Colleen Lucey, “The Portrayal of Prostitutes and Courtesans in Russian 19th-Century Periodicals”

Alex Moshkin, “Israeli-Russian Periodicals 1995-2015 – Networks, Aesthetics and Ideologies”

Ksenia Nouril, “Production-Reproduction: Modernist Photography and its Circulation through the Lens of the Thomas Walther Collection”

Yelizveta Raykhlina,“The Expanded Readership of Two Early 19th Century Russian Periodicals”

Nicholas Sawicki, “Avant-Garde Fissures in the Modern Czech Art Press: Traces in the Printed and the Digital,”

Jon Stone, “Between Little Magazine and Thick Journal: Approaches to Russian Modernist Periodicals”

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