DH tools & technologies for Russian émigré periodicals

As part of my R&D time at Princeton’s Center for Digital Humanities during the Spring 2015 semester, I will be turning my attention to the Russian émigré journal Novosel’e (Housewarming), published by Sofia Pregel in New York between 1942 and 1950, and testing out how some of today’s widely-used digital humanities tools and technologies can help me learn more about Russian emigre periodical culture.

My aim is to run my corpus of Russian-language text and metadata through tools for text analysis, processing and visualization (e.g. NLTK, TextBlob, Voyant), markup and analysis (e.g. CATMA), named entity recognition (e.g. Stanford NER), topic modeling (e.g. MALLET), and network analysis (e.g. Gephi, Raw, Palladio).

I’ll document my process in a series of blog posts on SEEEPS in the hopes that this may be helpful to other scholars curious about how digital humanities methodologies can shed light on Slavic and East European periodical studies.

Stay tuned!